Southport Craven Minor JFL Results & Fixtures Week Ending 15th December 2013

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Southport Craven Minor JFL Results Week Ending  15th December 2013


Under 11 Premiership

S&B Rangers Red 0-5 Formby JSC Rangers

Trinity Blue  8-2 Formby JSC Black

Formby JSC White 4-0 Colts Blue


Top of the Table

Formby JSC White 24 points

Formby JSC Rangers 19

Birkdale United 19


Under 11 Championship

Redgate Black 7-4 Colts Green

Formby Athletic 3-2 Trinity White


Top of the Table

Formby Athletic 25 points

Redgate Rovers Black 22


Under 12 Premiership

Formby Athletic 1-3 Formby JSC


Top of the Table

Formby JSC 27 points

Southport FC Juniors 12


Under 12 Championship

Redgate Rovers 4-1 Hesketh Colts

S&A Amateurs 0-2 Birkdale S


Top of the Table

Redgate Rovers 21 points

Crosby Stuart 21


Under 13

Birkdale Black 4-2 Southport Trinity

Marina Sands 2-3 Southport FC Juniors

Hesketh Colts 1-3 Redgate Rovers

Formby JSC 0-3 S&A Amateurs

Town Green 4-0 Birkdale Hawks


Top of the Table

Town Green 22 points

Southport FC Juniors 21

Marine 21


Under 14

Redgate Rovers 1-4 Southport Trinity


Top of the Table

Hares 19 points

Birkdale United 18


Under 15

S&A Amateurs 3-4 Hesketh Colts

Town Green 0-1 Southport Trinity

Southport FC Juniors 2-2 Redgate Yellow

Redgate Green 0-6 Jaguars White

Jaguars Red 4-1 Formby JSC


Top of the Table

Southport Trinity 27 points

Redgate Rovers Yellow 22

Southport FC Juniors 22


Under 16 Premiership

Birkdale United 1-8 Hudson Celtic

Redgate Rovers 1-3 Burscough


Top of the Table

AFC Liverpool 21 points

Hudson Celtic 19


Under 16 Championship

Dynamo Rangers 5-1 Formby JSC

Marine 3-0 Birkdale Black


Top of the Table

Dynamo Rangers 26 points

Marine 19


Under 18 Premiership

BRNESC Black 2-0 Town Green

Formby JSC White 4-3 Burscough

BRNESC Red 2-3 Marine


Top of the Table

Southport FC Juniors 18 points

FC BRNESC Black 17

Town Green 17


Under 18 Championship

Hudson Rangers 5-2 Hesketh Colts

Myers 4-2 S&A Amateurs

Burscough Green 9-1 Formby JSC Black


Top of the Table

Southport Trinity 21 points

Birkdale United 19

Craven Minor JFL Fixtures Week Ending  4th January 2014


Under 11 Harry Cope Cup

Formby JSC Rangers v Trinity White

Formby JSC Black v Formby Athletic

S&B Rangers Yellow v S&B Rangers Red

Formby JSC White v Birkdale United

Colts Blue v Colts Green

S&A Amateurs v Trinity Blue

Redgate Yellow v Colts Red

Southport FC Juniors v Redgate Black


Under 12 Joseph Jackson Cup

Redgate Rovers v Formby Athletic

Phoenix v Birkdale R

Crosby Stuart v Southport Trinity

Hesketh Colts v Birkdale S


Under 13 Catherine Oldfield Cup

Marine v Formby JSC

Town Green v Redgate Rovers

Hesketh Colts v Southport Trinity

Birkdale Black v S&A Amateurs

Southport FC Juniors v Birkdale Hawks


Under 14 Maric Trophy

Birkdale United v Town Green

Hares v Formby JSC

Redgate Rovers v Southport FC Juniors


Under 15 Karen Potter Cup

Formby JSC v Southport Trinity

Hesketh Colts v Redgate Yellow

Jaguars Red v Southport FC Juniors

S&A Amateurs v Jaguars White


Under 16 Ken & Les Cup

Town Green v Birkdale United

Hudson Celtic v Marine

Southport Trinity v Redgate Rovers

AFC Liverpool v S&A Amateurs

Birkdale Black v Formby JSC

Skem Athletic v Burscough


Under 18 Gordon Hyde-Price Cup

Myers v Redgate Green

Formby JSC White v Burscough

Burscough Green v Town Green

S&A Amateurs v Hudson Rangers

Hesketh Colts v BRNESC Black

Formby JSC Black v BRNESC Red

Redgate Yellow v Birkdale United

Southport FC Juniors v Southport Trinity

By Mike Taylor

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