Southport couple warning other residents of a rogue trader operating in Southport

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A Southport couple is warning other local residents of a rogue trader operating in Southport.

The Kew couple,  Maurice West & Emma Louis said:

After water damage in our bathroom that occurred at the beginning of the year in our bathroom we had to find someone to carry out the repairs this involved tiling our bathroom floor, providing a new bath panel, some tiling to the walls etc… Not big repairs but not the kind we could do ourselves.

We got at least 6 quotes, All very different.

We decided on going with the people we felt were the most thorough!! So a date was set.  Unfortunately we were let down the day before the start date through no fault of our own; this would put a 6 week delay on the job!!!

So with this we decided to go for one of the middle quotes, not to cheap but not to expensive either.

They were able to start on the 16th October 2013.   This was probably the worst thing we could have done…

The property maintenance builder came round at 8am on the 16th October to begin repairs!!

The bathroom suite was removed and the other jobs were carried out with three days!!!

The job was completed on the 18th.  Initially all looked fine so we paid and he left!!!

Problems started 30 minutes after he left the property!!!

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With leaks from both toilets and the main sink!!! Even having called the man back twice we were left with the leaks.

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We called a plumber out in the end.

This is when we discovered more problems. Floor tiles were cracked after he’d fitted them! Tiles were held on to the wall by screws, (hidden behind the bath panel) the floor in the ensuite hadn’t been boarded, they had tiled directly on to floor boards!

Every grout line was a different size no tile was straight, we were left with an uneven floor. The grout was crumbling; he blamed this on our central heating!!!

We confronted the man in question on the 21st October (Monday) he wanted to (put it right) but after loosing all faith in him we didn’t want him back in the house so we asked for a refund.

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At first he agreed then he decided he didn’t want to. And accused us of sabotaging his work, and that we planned the whole thing!

He has caused us stress and upset beyond belief.

We’ve had to pay out hundreds of pounds in repairs that are still ongoing and all this just before Christmas.

We are a young couple with two small children which has caused them distress too!

The man doesn’t care about what he’s put us through and others too as we are not the first he’s done this to.

We are not going to name the builder in question at the present time but we have informed Trading Standards and other authorities about the builder.


Our bit of good news after rogue traders wrecked our Christmas we entered a competition via Facebook to win a real Christmas tree at Massam’s. And we won!!!

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