Southport campaigners delivered NHS petition to MP candidates


Southport people delivered a ‘Save Our NHS’ petition signed by over 1800 local people to their MP candidates this Saturday 25th April.

The petition was handed over at MakeItWorkshop in Cambridge Walks by members of independent campaign group 38 Degrees Southport.

It calls on the MP candidate to do everything they can to protect the NHS from funding squeezes, privatisation, and the TTIP trade deal if they’re elected.

The campaigners challenged their MP candidates to answer questions on exactly how they will protect the NHS if they’re elected on May 7.

Paul Bradshaw, a 38 Degrees member from Southport who’s helped to organise the event said:

“Our NHS has always been there for me and my family when we’ve needed it.  I cannot perceive how health care can be provided economically and fairly by profit-making companies, this really bothers me. That’s why I participated in taking the message to protect our NHS from privatisation and funding freezes, straight to every MP candidate standing in Southport”.

All but one Southport MP candidate attended the petition handover, Paul Bradshaw said “we didn’t get any feedback from Damien Moore(Conservative), so we are not sure why he couldn’t make it, we will forward a petition certificate to him also, so he too can check the petition on line”.

In the run up to the petition delivery, David Babbs, executive director of 38 Degrees said: “We’re sending a clear message to our local MP candidates: you’re being watched by hundreds of us, and we all want you to protect the NHS”.

“Politicians can’t sit on the fence about the NHS. If they want our votes, they need to promise to keep the NHS safe from private companies and funding freezes. We won’t stand for another five years of the NHS being broken up or squeezed to breaking point”.

“Saturday’s petition delivery event is all about the people of Southport telling our next MPs exactly what we want for our NHS”.



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