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Southport Accounts & Payroll Bureau Join OTS Business Directory

OTS welcomes Southport Accounts & Payroll Bureau to Southport’s number 1 online news media outlet.

Southport Accounts & Payroll Bureau:- Serving Southport & the North West

For a fast, friendly, efficient serice call or email Southport Accounts & Payroll Bureau today, we are here to work for you, quickly, efficiently & accurately in an agreed time frame.

If you have put of registering for Self Assessment don’t delay in contacting us, HMRC are closing in on undeclared income, if you are not registered, dont let it be you they fine.

Do not wait until that letter falls with a thud on your door mat, the penalties & interest far outway the cost of hiring us to do your books. Do you know HMRC could ask to see your bank statements from the last time you worked through either employment (were you paid through a payroll system) or the last time as self employed you submitted accounts, right up to the present day?

Then they will ask you for an income & expenditure breakdown for each financial year you have missed, can you remember what you bought or sold six years ago??? The fine is considerably less if you register before they find you…. and they will.

We offer many solutions, you can chose how much or how little you want us to do for you, we can act as:-

Your agent

register you on-line as self employed or a sole trader or a Company

produce your accounts either on Sage  Line 50 or a simple excel spreadsheet

submit accounts on-line for you or alternatively teach you how to

register you for Class 2 NIC or an excemption certificate if you do not earn enough

About us

We aim to serve as your competent and reliable partner in business. We offer you a friendly, attentive service.

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Southport Accounts & Payroll Bureau negotiated £3450 in penalties & interest off my account, even though I was not there client at the time of incurring the costs, I have since moved to them.

I.S. satisfied customer Southport

Southport Accounts & Payroll Bureau turned around a years accounts in a week, charged me £500 a third off what I had paid the previous year, fast & cheap service.

P.T satisfied customer Southport

Southport Accounts & Payroll Bureau were recommended by a friend, after explaining my situation four VAT returns were calculated & submitted in under 2 days, so grateful as I wasnt an existing customer I didnt think they would do it that fast, they said they could & they did.

A.B satisfied customer Southport

Our Client Guarantee

Here at Southport Accounts & Payroll Bureau we use Sage, pens, paper & calculators, we dont have wands, if we can help you achieve your goals we will, if we cant we will tell you

We never promise to have your accounts etc done by a certain date or time if we cant do it, that dosnt help you as our Client or us, reputation is key to a sucsessful business

We want our Clients to be able to recommend us to friends & there own Clients.

You do not have to be an excisting client, if you need a quick, efficient service, please call or email, your not being cheeky asking for a quick turnaround in a couple of days, your just being another happy customer of ours, that will keep on returning to us, which is what we want & are striving to achieve.

We offer a 7 day a week service, from 7am to 10pm, hours that fit around you and your business.

We will come to you at home, on site etc to collect your paperwork, whatever suits you, our Client.

Phone:- 07724 446316

Email:- [email protected]

Submit News Contact us with your community, business or sport news. Phone 07930717137 Email [email protected]





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