Sefton Tory identifies HIMSELF as Party bosses’ ‘swivel eyed loon’

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Sefton Council’s top Tory, Terry Jones, has identified himself with the ‘Swivel-eyed loons’ which David Cameron’s allies in Conservative HQ claim are causing the Party to risk defeat in future elections.

Former minister Gary Streeter said he recognised the glint in the ‘swivel-eyes’ of fellow Tories demanding Britain leave Europe

Conservative Party co- Chairman Lord Feldman denied that he had used the term”‘mad, swivel-eyed loons about uneducated Party activists. But former Tory Minister Gary Streeter MP opened up the debate again when he branded members of his own party ‘swivel-eyed’ in a fresh escalation of the row over David Cameron’s leadership.

Mr Streeter, who served as a Minister in in the dying days of John Major’s government, said he had seen ‘once more the familiar glint in the swivelled-eyes of the purists’ risking electoral defeat by obsessing about Europe.

BBC Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman entered the row, claiming he too had heard senior Tories describe their activists as ‘swivel-eyed’.

Although the Prime Minister has written to grassroots members to insist he would not tolerate this language, some gras roots Tories are wearing the criticism from Lord Feldman – a tennis partner of Mr Cameron as a badge of honour.

Northampton Tory MP Brian Binley says that the gap between David Cameron and his party members has been growing. He told BBC Radio 4:

“The trouble is, he has done a few things the party in the country, overall, didn’t want him to do. He may believe in them, but we are talking about the gap between himself and the party. I think it is a growing gap.”

Tory party co-chairman Lord Feldman has denied calling activists ‘mad, swivel-eyed loons’ but the row refuses to go away

Jeremy Paxman has declared publicly that he had heard top level Tories using the term to describe local party members. But Terry Jones looks like the first Conservaive in the country to identify himself as one of the people that Top Tories have been complaining about. On his Facebook site, he says:
Terry Jones
12 August near Ainsdale via Mobile
I’ve now been classed as a swivel eyed loon, the Taliban and an extremist, o well there entitled to their opinions, wrong way to go though when the party wants you to work for them at elections.



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