Sefton Enforcement Officers Check Taxi’s on Southport main Railway rank

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Sefton Enforcement Officers Check Taxi’s on Lord Street Rank Southport

Sefton Enforcement Officers have been out and about in Southport today, Wednesday 15th May 2013, checking taxi’s using the town’s main Railway rank  rank and also pulling taxi’s over on the roads.

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It is Sefton MBC’s aim to ensure public safety in all Hackney Carriage and Private Hire vehicles in North & South of Sefton.

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To achieve this all vehicles are tested twice yearly for roadworthiness, cleanliness and appearance.

Hackney Carriages can be hailed on the street by a prospective passenger; they can also park on a rank to await the approach of passengers. It must be driven by a driver who holds a hackney carriage licence. There are a number of vehicles that can carry 7/8 passengers, and some have wheelchair accessible cabs.   A private hire vehicle cannot ply for hire or stand in a rank. It must be pre-booked with a private hire operator. The private hire operator takes the booking for a private hire vehicle and then dispatches the vehicle to fulfil that request.

Did you know (applying for an Operator’s/Drivers/Vehicle Licence).   Prior to making an application for a driver’s licence it is necessary for all potential applicants to contact the new Criminal Records Bureau, (CRB) in order to obtain written evidence that they are a ‘fit and proper person’.

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The Bureau will request a payment and upon receipt of this they will issue an application form which then has to be brought into Sefton’s office together with proof of identity, passport, driving licence, utilities bill with name and address on, the form is then countersigned by an officer of the Council and the applicant returns it to the CRB.

The check takes approximately 3 weeks. Once the applicant has received the form back from the CRB then they have all the necessary paperwork to make a full application.

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