Sefton Council Bullyboy tactics trying to close AINSDALE 3G Premier artificial sports pitches (Southport)

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Sefton Council Bullyboy tactics trying to close AINSDALE 3G Premier artificial sports pitches (Southport)

Sefton Council & two neighbours are trying to close Ainsdale 3G down!

Just a brief history of how we came to open Ainsdale 3G and the troubles involved in getting the facility built.

We attempted to build the pitches back in 2009 and were halted by Sefton Councils negativity towards the facility.

So we withdrew our planning application and asked Sefton Council to give us advice on what we would need to comply with, to build the facility, Sefton’s answer was, Build it somewhere else, like on a sports ground.

We explained that Ainsdale Sports Club is an existing sports ground with great community heritage. They answered; we cannot recommend to the planners that this facility be built.

Following this we have had no support from the council planning and environmental departments.

We later found out that there was and still is, major political influence behind the negative information that has been told to the council about the facility.

These allegations continue today and it doesn’t take much investigation to see who is fronting the spurious information being told to the press, residents and council.

That’s how much political influence is behind this, which in turn hinders the council from doing their job correctly. All that said, we persevered and at considerable personal cost, we changed plans and set up to meet with written council policy.

We submitted these plans and had them approved. BUT!! Once we started building the approved facility, the political interference started again.

This time in the form of complaints and accusations, by one or two neighbouring residents and the political counsellor.

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Firstly, the neighbours claimed that we were not conforming to H&S regulations; The HSE turned up and agreed that we complied with HSE requirements on all accounts.

The cost of the HSE visit is very expensive; this will result in a substantial cost to Ainsdale residents.

Secondly, residents complained that we were not complying with council building guidelines. Sefton attended site (again at cost to Ainsdale residents) and found we were completely within building guidelines.

Not satisfied with the answer from Sefton, the residents said, the facility is a light nuisance, so Sefton had to carry out a lengthy and costly light investigation “approximately 3 months” at a huge cost to Ainsdale residents.

Thirdly, once the neighbours and councillor found this route, they said that we were also a noise nuisance, so Sefton had to carry out a further lengthy in depth investigation again, at a huge cost to Ainsdale residents.

The last point I wanted to let you know, is that now, even though we have Sefton’s permission via town & country planning act and full planning approval.

Now Sefton council are going to court to dispute the fact that we can keep the current (approved) Portable floodlights.

ots-ainsdale sports 3 and social club southport ots onthespot ots

ABOVE: The Mayor of Sefton opens the pitches.

We (Ainsdale 3G) have had to seek legal advice, we have been informed that the legal costs liable to Ainsdale 3G will be very high.

That’s just for us to be able to talk to the council sensibly without certain political involvement.

The cost of investigations and legal action to Ainsdale residents will never be divulged by the council. But will severely reduce the funding and benefits to necessary services within the area.

So all that said, we need your help and effort. See below for what we need from you.

What we need for you to do:

Write an email or letter and send it to the appropriate people. Addresses at the bottom

In your letter we need you to comment on the points below.
1. How much the facility is needed in the area
2. How beneficial the facility is to the local community
3. How important it is that we are open of an evening
4. How important it is that we have floodlights(especially in winter months)
5. How much you keep the noise to a minimum and are mindful of neighbours
6. How much of an improvement that facility is to the old site
7. How much it helps with the youth and junior fitness to have this facility
8. Why The Ainsdale Sports Club is the perfect place for the facility to be sited
9. Any other reasons you want to keep our affordably priced and excellent facility open and available!
10. If you are a club, please write a club letter and also as many individual letters if possible. We want to hear from each person too.
11. How poorly you think that Sefton council have performed in the above mentioned matters

The people we need you to email your letters too are: Just click on the addresses below, or copy and paste them.

[email protected];[email protected]

[email protected];[email protected]

Send written letters too:
Greg Martin & Jane Gower
Sefton Council,
Magdalen House,
30 Trinity Rd, Bootle,
L20 3NJ
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