Quiz Night to raise funds for Jessica’s Brighter Future

Quiz Night to raise funds for Jessica’s Brighter Future

On Friday 16th December friends and family would like to invite you to support a brighter future for Jessica by taking part in a quiz night.

Location, The Guilder Rose, 50 Maine Drive.

Time 8pm till late.

Jessica’s Story…….

My beautiful daughter Jessica Rose was born prematurely 23 years ago, weighing in at 1lb 9.5ozs.

As a result of her early arrival Jessica has many difficulties including cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus  (fluid on the brain) and is registered blind.
Jessica uses a wheelchair and needs 24 hour care and support in everything she does. Jessica needs specialist equipment and support to help her in every situation.

Jessica is an absolute joy and she never fails to brighten our day with her smiles and giggles. She has a wicked sense of humour and real spirit.

Jessica has had many surgeries throughout her life, too many to count. Brain surgery has been Jessica’s most recent surgery but complications and infections meant many operations in the space of just a couple of months and a stay in intensive care.

Picture of Jessica by her little brother then aged 6.

Jessica never ever gives in and blows us away with her fight and resilience. Jessica is an incredible young lady who has taught us a lot about life and how precious life is.

Jessica is now an adult and more than ever she desperately needs specialist equipment to support her needs, major adaptations to her home and support for the future.

Jessica’s difficulties mean specialised equipment is absolutely essential to continue to support her basic everyday living needs. Jessica needs supportive seating, a specialised bath, a specialised standing frame, a specially adapted bed, hoisting facilities, a safe space and wheelchair accessibility to be able to function in every day tasks within the home.

As Jessica has grown the equipment to support her grew too but unfortunately our home didn’t grow which means essential equipment has taken over Jessica’s living space. This means Jessica has no safe space to get out of her wheelchair in our home. Jessica can shuffle on her bottom a little but even this little bit of independence is being taken away without the safe space to move.

These are very uncertain times and we have not yet been able to achieve funding support for the replacement of failing equipment and adaptations that have been desperately needed for many years. Cuts to services and budgets means it is even less likely we’ll get the support of funding for essential everyday equipment or adaptations to meet her needs now or in the future.

Far too much of my time and energy has already been taken fighting so hard to get the support, equipment and services for basic needs that we all take for granted. No service or equipment from childhood to date has been provided without a battle, an appeal or a complaint.

Jessica is now 23, and I cannot dwell on the negatives of funding and cuts any more but need to use my energy to look at what positive differences I can to try to make.

I need to make the difference for Jessica.

I really need to do something positive for my incredible young lady to make a difference to her life and her future.

You can also donate towards Jessica’s brighter future here


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