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A North-west drug dealer who was jailed for seven years for conspiring to supply Class A drugs in Southport has had £700,000-worth of assets stripped from him. At a Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) hearing at Preston Crown Court today (May 20), Vincent Graham was told that among the items being confiscated from him were a £50,000 Jacobs watch and a £32,000 diamond necklace. Graham, who is originally from Southport but lived in a gated community in Brockhall, Lancashire, was jailed in June 2011 for organising a cocaine deal worth more than £100,000. The judge in today’s POCA hearing determined that he had made £926,981 from his criminal activities and ordered that he pay as much of it back as he could (£700,000). It was said during his trial that detectives from Titan, the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit, who successfully investigated Graham and his three accomplices, believed he had been involved in other drug deals and had worked his way up the criminal ladder. He was found to have orchestrated a drug deal between his accomplice Christopher Malpass, also from Southport, and Sylvester Nkemakolam, a Nigerian national from London. Malpass, 26, and Nkemakolam, 46, carried out the transaction in Portland Street in Southport on May 27, 2010. Malpass was arrested just  after midnight that evening at his Linaker Street home. His driver, 36-year-old Paul Archer, was arrested an hour later at The Walk in Southport. The Titan investigation found evidence that Graham had been in telephone contact with all three men on the night the drug deal was carried out. Graham was also seen meeting Nkemakolam in Southport and hour after Nkemakolam and Malpass exchanged the drugs. When police officers executed a search warrant at Graham’s £500,000 rented home in West Lancashire they found an insurance policy showing numerous vehicles that were registered to him, including a £40,000 Lamborghini Gallardo, a £35,000 Nissan Skyline and a £25,000 Audi Q7.

Seized at the time was a quantity of jewellery and £1285 cash. All were seized by Titan officers using POCA powers on the grounds that he had acquired them all using money from his criminal enterprise. Following today’s court hearing, all £89,000-worth of items will be sold to satisfy his confiscation order. Detective Chief Inspector Paula Parker said today’s result was a further blow to organised crime in the North-West. Detective Chief Inspector Paula Parker said: “Vincent Graham was living the kind of lifestyle most of us can only dream about. He paid for almost everything with cash and lived in a gated community normally associated with Premiership footballers and business executives. However, his income was not legitimate in any sense of the word but in fact came from dealing in Class A drugs. He did not care about the damage these drugs would do to the people taking them, or the wider community. He only cared about lining his pockets with drug money and living a film star lifestyle based on other people’s misery. “It is incredibly satisfying to know that not only does he still have a sizeable part of his prison sentence still left to serve but also that when he comes out, all his assets will have been taken by the courts and used by law enforcement agencies to take more criminals like him off the streets and behind bars where they belong.”



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