Probe into Merseyside police fraud woman’s fake expenses claims

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Probe into Merseyside police fraud woman’s fake expenses claims

Merseyside’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Jane Kennedy

 Questions are being asked as to how a female police sergeant in Merseyside police’s top fraud team was allowed to take early retirement rather than be investigated over alleged false claims for thousands of pounds pay for days she never worked.

The woman went off sick when ‘discrepancies’ in her number of rest days were shown up and she was allowed to take early retirement.

Merseyside Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy says she intends to talk with Chief Constable Jon Murphy to see how they could ensure that staff were not able to exploit their generous terms and conditions and evade disciplinary action which could have seen her stripped of her pension entitlements if found to have committed any wrongdoing.

The woman’s union rep says that it is important to remember the misconduct allegation had not been substantiated. She was served with a notice containing the allegations but decided to retire. Police officers are able to retire younger than most other public servants. After putting in 30 years service, many are able to retire in their 50s. They are rarely blocked from doing so, this usually happening only if they have been suspended.

Commissioner Kennedy said:

“In general terms, I believe people in Merseyside are deeply unhappy when public servants appear to evade disciplinary proceedings by exploiting the deservedly generous employment protection that has been painstakingly negotiated by their trade unions.”




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