Premature claims of a cannabis addiction ‘cure’

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Premature claims of a cannabis addiction ‘cure’

“Have scientists found a ‘cure’ for marijuana addiction?

New treatment blocks the kick that users get from the drug,” reports the Mail Online.

Based on the evidence presented in the study, which involved animals, the answer to the Mail’s question is ‘not yet’.

The study found that increasing the levels of a naturally occurring chemical, called KYNA, using a compound called Ro 61-8048 blocked the effects of the active ingredient in cannabis, THC, on the brain’s reward system which produces the pleasurable feelings associated with the drug.

The study involved rats and squirrel monkeys who were given free access to a synthetic form of cannabis. Treatment with Ro 61-8048, led to a drop-off in drug use.

Also animals that had been previously weaned off THC use were less likely to ‘relapse’ if treated with Ro 61-8048.

Side effects of Ro 61-8048, at least in animals, appeared to be minimal.

While these results are promising, further studies are required to ensure that a similar compound is safe and effective in human.s

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