Police Warning – Potentially lethal “PMA” pills

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Merseyside Police is warning people about potentially lethal pills on the streets of Merseyside. They say dealers are still peddling the drug despite it being linked to a number of deaths.

“PMA” is being sold as “pink ecstasy”

What is PMA? PMA is similar to MDMA (ecstasy). It can make users feel alert, alive and full of energy. Its similarity means that PMA is actually sometimes sold as ecstasy. It is also known as paramethoxymethyamphetamine, or para-methoxymethyamphetamine.

However, PMA is much stronger, and like MDMA, can cause a fatal rise in body temperature.
The effects of PMA also take longer than MDMA to begin to be felt – so some users have overdosed by mistakenly taking pill after pill thinking nothing is happening, which can also be fatal.

Since the start of the year there have been a number of deaths and hospitalisations that have been linked to PMA and PMMA.
It appears that those affected thought they were taking ecstasy pills containing MDMA and did not know that the pills contained PMA and/or PMMA. The PMA and/or PMMA containing pills look like regular ecstasy pills, but are often pink and may have the letter ‘M’ on them. Some have the McDonalds style letter ‘M’ on them. These pills have been referred to as ‘pink ecstasy’, ‘Dr Death’ or ‘Pink McDonalds’.

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