Police warn against email virus sent out

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Lancashire Police posted a warning today against an email virus alert that was sent out from what appears to be a “legitimate” Lancashire Constabulary email address.

In a statement on their website on October 21, they said: “Many people around the world have today received an email that appears to have been sent from a legitimate Lancashire Constabulary email address.

“The email appears to come from ‘Lyn Whitehead’ and is asking the recipient to pay an invoice that is attached to the email.

“This is spam, and if you have received it you MUST NOT open it. Instead delete it from your email system.”

The police statement said the attachment in the email has “enabled macros” and it is likely that your personal data will have been breached.

The statement warns: “You MUST change all your passwords for personal accounts, including your bank accounts,” and states: “A third party supplier to the Constabulary has had their data breached, as a result of this breach this Lancashire Constabulary email address has been spoofed and used to generate spam to recipients far and wide.”

An investigation has now been launched to determine the source of the attack, but the Constabulary’s systems haven’t been breached or compromised in any way.

Find more on the Lancashire Police website or Facebook page.


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