Police urge people to remain vigilant in Tarleton (near Southport)

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Police urge people to remain vigilant in West Lancs

POLICE in West Lancashire are urging people to remain vigilant as they continue to investigate an incident in Tarleton where an 11 year old boy was approached by a man in a car.

Around 8.30am on Wednesday 8 May, a man in a dark blue car approached the boy on the corner of Hesketh Lane and Latham Crescent and asked him to get inside. The boy ran off and thankfully wasn’t harmed. 

Since this incident was reported publiclyon OTS News, police have received further reports of suspicious behaviour involving motorists in the Tarleton, Hesketh Bank and Burscough areas.

These incidents have been fully investigated and have been discounted as they gave no grounds for concern and have been found not to be connected with the original incident.

Geographic Inspector Christina Shorrock said: “We are aware of a number of rumours circulating on social media sites and understand the public are going to be alarmed and concerned by these reports. Whilst we are encouraging parents, schools and the community to be vigilant, we would like to reassure people that incidents of this nature are rare and that at this time only one suspicious incident has taken place.

“I must stress that we take all reports made to us extremely seriously and have officers following up every allegation that is made to us. However, in order for us to be able to put the most resources into investigating and getting to the bottom of allegations, it is really important that people report first hand instances of suspicious behaviour and to try and avoid repeating gossip and third hand information.

“If anybody does see anything suspicious, we would urge them to try and take in a description of the person involved or make a note of the registration plate and if at all possible take a picture of the vehicle or person.

“Neighbourhood Policing Officers will continue to maintain strong links with schools to discuss any developments and when necessary further information will be released via the appropriate channels. People need to be wary of misinformation which is often provided by channels other than the schools or police.

“Parents are advised to discuss any concerns they or their children have with the school and take sensible precautions in relation to ensuring the safety of their children travelling to and from school.”

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