Police staff unions submit pay claim for 2014/15

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Police staff unions submit pay claim for 2014/15

The Police Staff Council (PSC) trade union side has submitted a pay claim on behalf of police staff members employed in England and Wales, for the pay year 2014/15.

The claim is the result of consultation by the trade unions, including UNISON, with their members.

It seeks a 3%, or £500, increase – whichever is the greater – on all PSC pay points, with effect from 1 September 2014.

It also calls for a 3% increase on standby allowance from 1 September 2014.

The claim would see the bottom five pay points on the PSC pay scale (up to £16,581) increased by £500, and all points above that increased by 3%.

The trade unions have submitted this mixed claim in recognition of the on-going need for police forces to ensure that their most junior staff are decently paid.

In a statement, the trade union side commented:

“The PSC can be proud that the lowest pay point on the pay spine gives an hourly rate 0.9p above that of the current living wage figure.

“But this is an achievement that needs continued vigilance to maintain – hence this mixed claim.”

Since 2010, the purchasing power of police staff pay has deteriorated by 13% (11% for those earning less than £21,000).

While pay in the private sector, including bonuses, rose by 1.7% over the three months to February 2014, public sector wage growth over the same period did not even reach 1%.

“Police staff do not share the Chancellor’s upbeat assessment of the economy, and will not be celebrating any so-called recovery until their living standards return to pre-crash levels,” the statement said.

“Our claim points out just how far the purchasing power of our members’ pay has fallen since 2010. There will need to be significant catch-up in the pay of our members before their previous living standards are regained.”

Meanwhile, UNISON is encouraging all of its police staff members to take part in an online survey on their experience of stress in the workplace.

The survey will give the union a clear picture of the impact of the cuts to policing on the working lives of members.

It will also give members an opportunity to “tell it like it is” in relation to their own working environment.
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