UPDATE: Sandhu off-licence now open for business


Photo: Sandhu Off-Licence, Nevill Street, Southport

Sandhu off-licence on Nevill Street has now reopened after police closed the town centre shop for was anti-social behaviour back in June.

A new management team is in place but Mr H S Sandu remains licensee.

The management quoted:

“The shop might be small, but just like the TARDIS in the BBC’s Doctor Who, this off license is full of surprises.

“If we do not have what you want, ask and we will do our very best to source it for you.

“Sandhu’s has a wide range of alcoholic beverages on offer and our friendly staff are always ready to help you make the right choice.”



UPDATE: Sandhu off-licence closure extended till September

The Sandhu Off Licence in Nevill Street Southport will remain closed until September.

Sefton Magistrates granted the order as they believe allowing the premises to reopen could contribute to anti social behaviour in the area.

ots_southport_sanduh_seizedPhoto: Nevill Street Off-Licence

ots-news-sandhu Customers at the Sandhu off-licence

The Sandhu off-licence on Nevill has been shut down by the Police with a notice on he door stating the reason behind the closure was anti-social behaviour.

ots_southport_sanduh_notice 2Photo: The closure notice on the front of the off-licence

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