Police reply to resident via email over speed camera complaint in Halsall near Southport

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A complaint was made to Lancashire Constabulary following a news story that appeared on OTS News.co.uk on 2nd December 2012 regarding a speed camera check on Halsall Road, Halsall, Lancashire “Police speed trap Halsall near Southport” please click link below to view story:


The complainant has received an email in respect to the complaint (see below)

Tim Ewen Head of Business Support Lancashire Constabulary Headquarters PO Box 77  Hutton  Preston  PR4 5SB Tel: 01772 412880 Our ref: PSD/MI/847/12 21st December 2012

Dear Mr +++++

Further to your recent email of the 3rd December registering a complaint regarding the positioning of a mobile speed enforcement vehicle in Halsall Road, Southport on Sunday 2nd December at 12:50pm as reported on the OTS News webpage, I would respond as follows:

The photograph shown on the site has, in our view, been taken from a position/angle that does not show the complete view along the road that a motorist would have; it has been taken from an entrance further down the road from such a position as to exaggerate the angle of the bend, which is not as tight as it appears; the pictures below provide a more realistic view of the area in which the vehicle was parked.

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As can be seen from the first photograph above, the footpath terminates and the van is parked (using a dropped kerb ) so it is not obstructing a footpath as pedestrians could not possibly walk any further along this side of the road as there is no footpath to do so.

There are no parking restrictions and the van could quite legitimately have been parked fully on the road without contravening any legislation however the technician has chosen to park off the road to be as safe as possible; the van was also fully coned off to highlight its position to motorists travelling along this stretch of road.

I am satisfied that the enforcement was correctly undertaken without any obstruction or creation of hazard.  I would also add that, as the article clearly states, this enforcement was undertaken in response to community concerns with regard to speeding in this area.

Yours sincerely

Tim Ewen Head of Business Support

Today, Wednesday 9th January 2013 the mobile speed enforcement vehicle was again sited on Halsall Road (see picture below)

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