Police encouraging safe parking at Burscough Car Boot Sale

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Police encouraging safe parking at Burscough Car Boot Sale

OFFICERS in Burscough are advising motorists visiting the Burscough Car Boot Sale to think about the concerns of residents and other visitors by parking safely.

The advice comes after residents, event organisers and parish councillors’ complaints about the way cars are being parked near junctions, concealing t= raffic travelling by.

Cars have been seen parked with wheels on pavements and there has also been vehicles stationed where there is no pavement, creating ‘blind bends’, whi ch could cause unassuming pedestrians to walk in the road onto oncoming traffic.

The areas affected by the parking are Tollgate Lane, Pippin Street and the nearby industrial estate.

Burscough Community Beat Manager, PC Iann Skillander said: “It appears that people are attempting to avoid paying the parking charge on the field at the boot sale by parking in other less safe areas.

“There is an obvious issue of safety with driver’s inability to see properly when merging into the road from a junction due to parked cars obscuring the driver’s view, causing road users to be too far over for oncoming traffic to negotiate the road ahead.

“Police will enforce any offences that they find obstructing or parking within 20 foot of a junction, all of which are actionable by fixed penalty.

“We ask that members of the public observe the rights of other road users and pedestrians and park responsibly in future.”

The Burscough Car Boot takes place every Sunday until around the end of November.

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