Please sign petition regarding Dangerous Parking Outside Churchtown Primary School Southport

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Please sign petition regarding Dangerous Parking Outside Churchtown Primary School Southport

Parents are becoming increasingly concerened over motorists illegally parking and maneuvering dangerously outside the school, causing increased danger to Pupils and their Families.

A petition will be presented to Southport Lib Dem Cllr Councillor John Dodd, hoping that parents may be given better resources to deal with this problem.

There have been a number of near misses reported rcently and parents are trying to gain as much support as possible to ensure the safety of our Children at Churchtown.

Please click the link below to sign the ipetition.

One parent said:

On Wednesday 22nd January 2014, My Daughter was walking with her classmate down St Cuthberts Road from school, when a car mounted the kerb and nearly hit them both. My Daughter and her friend were very shaken up by this and obviously my friend and I, as parents, are extremely upset and angered by the incident.

Chrchtown Primary School is situated along St Cuthberts Road and Sunny Road, Churchtown, Southport. During School dropping off and pick up times there are number of parents who are parking on Double Yellow lines along St Cutberts Road, causing a great deal of Danger to pupils and their families.

We have the drop off zone which is regularly misused as parents park on it causing children to have to get out of their cars on the road.

Parents are regularly parking on the pavement along St. Cuthberts road which is causing moving cars to drive dangerously close to the narrow pavement where parents are walking with their little ones. This inconsiderate parking is also blocking the pavement and Parents and children are having to walk in the road to get past.

The top end of Sunny Road is for residential use only and yet parents again are dropping their children off and then performing turns in the road which in such a small area is very dangerous as there is alot of human traffic at these times of the day.

The school news letters have appealed to parents to recognise the danger in their actions, and parents have also been approached by Teachers and Community Support Officers, and yet still don’t take this issue seriously.

Numerous near misses have now been reported to the school, It is only a matter of time before a more serious incident takes place.

I am aware that a number of parents are becoming increasingly concerened for the safety of not just their own children, but all children travelling to and from Churchtown Primary School.

I call on all those who support our cause to sign the petition and pass it on.

Hopefully this petition will help our local council realise what an important problem this is and work with us to help keep our children safe.

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