Phone line Take Away hits Southport Chinese Chippy hard!

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A Southport Chinese Take-away has lost hundreds of pounds of business, with possibly thousands more to come, as a result of having their phone number ‘stolen’.

Hundreds of customers suddenly cannot get through to the New Golden Star on Manchester Road as a result of Post Office Telephones switching off the take-away’s telephone number without even asking them. Many Southport residents have the Golden Star’s menu leaflets at home by their telephone but have not been able to get through since Monday (19th January).

This has meant a huge loss of business.

When questioned, Post Office Telephones said that they had received a request to transfer the number to another phone service provider – but would not say which one.  They have  provided  a number of different dates by which service would be restored, ranging from 3 days to 14 days, causing proprietor Ying Wang even more stress.
Local Lib Dem Councillor Tony Dawson, who has taken up the matter on  Ms Wang’s behalf with both Post Office Telephones and OffCom explains:
“Post Office Telephones say that all Phone service providers will close down any telephone number automatically if another provider asks them to – without asking the owner of the number if the approach is genuine. This process is called “slanning”.
“They seem to do this for expediency since 99 per cent or more of such request are genuine and they don’t want to waste time checking. The downside of this policy, however, can be horrendous for people like Ms Wang and her husband. I imagine there will be a need for a considerable compensation payment for all the business lost and the stress, distress and inconvenience.”
“I have had a terrible time trying to sort this out,” says Ms Wang. “I was on the phone to them for hours. They keep giving me different days when they say my phone number will be back on line.”
The New Golden Star is faced with being without a normal phone line until early February. In the meantime, Ms Wang is asking for customers to phone in their orders on her mobile phone: 07956 324912.



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