Pet dog gives owners the “run-a-round” in FormbyVillage

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Pet dog gives owners the “run-a-round” in FormbyVillage

Members of the public, a fire-fighter, motorists and a dog owner were given the run-a-round for at least half an hour this afternoon (Tuesday 23rd July 2013) in FormbyVillage after a pet dog became separated from its owner.

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The frightened pet escaped in the Church Road area of Formby and ran down the road into Whitehouse  Lane.

It then ran down Whatchyard Lane then back into the Village, with everyone giving chase.

The dog then decided to go into Waitrose Car Park, unfortunately it decided to run, jump, skip and do anything not to get caught.

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The dog ran through the main shopping centre and back again running in and out of cars.

The dog was last spotted running towards Phillips Lane with its owners giving chase.

Hopefully there will be a good ending to this story!

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