Parking charges to rise in Southport BBC Politics Show interview Paul Adams (Vincent Hotel)

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Parking charges to rise in Southport BBC Politics Show on the case

Elaine from the BBC Sunday Politics team was in Southport today (Wednesday 8th May 2013) interviewing local motorists and business people about another increase in parking charges for Southport town centre. The parking charges are about to rise yet again for local motorists forcing shoppers away from the town centre which is having a massive impact on the local economy.

A local shopkeeper said: “the whole situation is getting out of control – people are keeping away from the town centre because of the massive parking charges already implemented” “another increase will be the final nail in the coffin as far as I an concerned” “it’s not rocket science, free parking in town will boost the economy so what’s lost in parking revenue will be made up via shop tills ringing and tax.”

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The BBC is also seeking local resident’s opinions on the £46 per year increase on green bins and the increase in cremation charges.

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