Parents will be fined by Sefton Council if children take time off school during term-times

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Parents will be fined by Sefton Council if children take time off school during term times.

Parents in Southport have been informed of important changes to legislation regarding term-time holidays/requests for absence during term-time.

From September 2013 rules as follows:

There is no right to take family holidays in term-time. All holidays must be taken during school vacations. The word HOLIDAY has been moved from regulations.

There is no discretionary period for schools to allow absences during term-time. Any reference to ten days has been removed from the regulations.

Children who are persistently absent through sickness or for other reasons or are regularly late to school MAY have their absences unauthorized and be liable to a penalty notice issued by Sefton Council who will be checking attendance registers on a regular basis.

Sefton Council may issue penalty notices of £60-if paid within 21 days (rising to £120 if not paid before 28 days). Failure to pay within 28 days may lead to further legal action. The reasons for which a penalty notice may be given include:

Parentally condoned absence (either regular sickness absence / term-time holidays)

Unauthorized leave of absence during term-time unless there are exceptional circumstances (these should be known to the school)

Unwarranted delayed return from agreed leave of absence without permission of the school.

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