Paedophiles could walk free if Tories get their way.

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Southport’s Lib Dem MEP has described Conservative plans to opt out of co-operation with crime-fighting agencies across Europe as a ‘paedophiles charter’.

Police forces across Europe now share data on criminals to improve the chances of catching and convicting serious offenders. But Tory Home Secretary Theresa May has proposed that the UK should opt out of over 100 cross border crime fighting measures.

Liberal Democrats in the coalition government have criticised Mrs May’s proposals, and their views were this week shared by a cross-party committee of the House of Lords. The Lords reported that:

“opting out would have significant adverse negative repercussions for the internal security of the UK and the administration of criminal justice in the UK, as well as reducing its influence over this area of EU policy.”

Liberal Democrat North West England MEP Chris Davies claims that co-operation between police forces across Europe has led to the detection and prosecution of hundreds of serious criminals, including murderers, rapists and paedophiles. He said:

“Tens of millions of people travel across national borders each year and criminals are amongst them. Encouraging crime fighting agencies to work closely together is exactly what the European Union should be doing.”

“Conservatives and UKIP seem to prefer to pick a fight with the EU and risk criminals walking free rather than encouraging police officers here to work closely with continental colleagues.”



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