OTS News.co.uk is warning local residents regarding a telephone “scam”

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OTS News.co.uk is warning local residents regarding a telephone “scam”

Residents get phone calls from representatives of the Telephone Preference Scheme.

The representatives then present people with the option to pay to stop them receiving unwanted international calls.

A spokesperson for the Head of the Telephone Preference Service said: “The TPS is a free service that is effective at stopping live unsolicited sales and marketing calls made by reputable UK companies.

It is not a call blocking device, it is the UK’s official opt-out register and once you register a mobile or landline number it remains registered for good.

The law requires companies to screen their calls against the TPS ‘do not call’ list. However, there are a number of rogue companies that are willing to break the law and cold call people nevertheless.
“We’re aware of a number of organisations such as the Telephone Preference Scheme claiming to offer a similar or more enhanced service to the TPS.

These companies are unregulated commercial organisations or sometimes outright scams that are misleading people about the effectiveness of their service.

We have seen a rise in the number of complaints over the last 18 months, which seems to correspond with a sharp rise in the number of these types of companies.

“We ask anyone that receives such a call to never give out personal details and refer the company to their local trading standards office or report it to Action Fraud.”

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