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Criminals on Merseyside are being warned that their cards will be marked as police launch their latest tools against acquisitive crime.

On Monday, 2 June, as part of the force’s continued fight against retail crime, Merseyside Police will be launching a forensic marking operation. Merseyside Police will be offering homeowners and retailers a specially designed forensic marking kit as part of the forces’ continued effort to tackle domestic and retail crime.

A key initiative of this operation is the use of forensic spray in convenience stores against anyone committing an offence.

The forensic spray can be activated by a member of staff in the event of a crime and the spray will leave a mark on the offender. This mark, unique to each shop or business that signs up to the scheme, will then be visible under a UV light, and will make it much easier for officers to identify offenders.

Local media are invited to see the forensic spray in action and be offered the chance to test it at a shop on Prescot Road near to Eaton Road police station on Monday

Chief Inspector Jenny Sims, said: “As well as offering homeowners extra measures against burglary, we are continuing our efforts to tackle retail crime.

”The force works closely with bookmakers, off-licenses and convenience stores and we offer crime prevention advice and point them in the direction of the most appropriate security measures. This has included fogging devices and electronic trackers.

“Retailers are now also using forensic sprays as a further security measure to deter people from committing these offences and identifying anyone who does commit this type of offence.

“Local businesses play such an important role in our communities and Merseyside Police will do everything it can to make them as secure as possible.

As part of the forces’ commitment to tackling burglary, officers and PCSOs from the Liverpool North Old Swan neighbourhood, will also be going door-to-door offering the forensic marking kits and crime prevention advice to the community.

Each forensic marking kit has a unique code and the marker leaves an indelible mark when applied to an item. If the item is stolen and then recovered, the mark can be identified and the item returned to its rightful owner.

Officers and PCSOs will be in the community speaking with residents in the area and will be offering the free forensic marking kits.

Local media are also invited to film an officer going through a burglary pack with a victim of burglary on Monday after the forensic spray filming opportunity.

Chief Inspector Jenny Sims, said: “Merseyside Police is absolutely committed to tackling burglary and we want to make it as difficult as possible for would-be burglers. A burglary can have a massive impact on the victims. Not only has someone broken into your home but they’ve taken valuable items that you’ve worked hard for.

“The force has held a number of event days in the Liverpool North area this year as part of an operation to tackle burglary. As part of this operation, officers will be in the local community offering forensic marking kits to help people make their expensive items more secure.

“Each forensic marking kit has a unique code and the marker leaves an indelible mark when applied to your television or phone. If this piece of equipment is stolen and then later recovered, the mark can be identified and the item returned to its rightful owner. It’s free to sign up for this service and I would recommend making your treasured possessions as secure as possible.”

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