Open Email to the Editor ‘Southport Police Scandal over death of pet dog’

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Open Email to the Editor ‘Southport Police Scandal over death of pet dog’

I am writing to tell you of the police force in Southport and how their actions killed my beautiful 15 month old German Shorthaired Pointer – she passed away on Monday.  Below is a letter of complaint I have sent to the police – I have had no reply:

I will firstly explain to you the events that happened 24 hours prior to the incident I shall explain. On 24th January I arrived at a friend’s house at approximately 8.15pm with my dog. I parked my car just on the road across the street from his house. My dog and I stayed the night in the house. At 7.30am the following morning, I took my dog for an hour’s walk, before bringing her back into the house to feed her and give her some water. At lunchtime I took my dog for a walk around the block, and at about 2pm she had some more water and she went into the back of my car for a while as my friend and I were going out to Tesco.

We were out a couple of hours, and on returning I saw no sign of the dog sitting up, therefore assumed as usual that she was curled up asleep where she normally is. We went inside and at about 5pm I went out to walk her and feed her and set off on the 60 mile journey home. You can imagine my shock when I opened my boot and my dog wasn’t there. I was absolutely hysterical and went charging around all over the area, scouring the streets and railway, asking people if they had seen anything and going into local shops. An hour or so later feeling devastated and defeated, I began running back to my friend’s house to call the police and inform them that my dog had obviously been taken. On my way back, a neighbour could obviously see how upset I was, and informed me that the police had taken my dog out of my car!

I ran over to the car to see if I had missed any signs on the windscreen or in the car and there was nothing. I just happened to glance down at the floor on the driver’s side and notice a scrunched up bit of paper stating an incident number and ‘Merseyside Police’ on it. Naturally, I rushed right inside and called the number. The first policewoman I dealt with said it was a strange case and that the police were not really involved and that I needed to speak to the dog warden she gave me the name and phone number of the dog warden. She said the RSPCA were not and would not get involved. I asked why nobody had called me on the number on my dog’s collar or scanned her for a microchip and she said she didn’t know.

I then proceeded to call the dog warden and after half an hour finally got through. The man said that they only take in stray dogs and that he had found this case a very strange one. The police had called and asked that this dog be picked up. He said he couldn’t get through on the number that was on the microchip. Nonetheless, he said if I paid £65 I could have the dog returned to me the following day in between 1pm and 7pm. This was a major setback as I had already paid to attend my Dads birthday lunch and visit him and my family, but seeing as I was almost 60 miles away from home there was nothing I could do except stay another night and my friends house and wait it out.

I then called back the police and spoke to a very unhelpful lady, who proceeded to tell me she had a dog and that she had never left it in the car and that I basically was asking for it. I demanded to speak to somebody different, and was fortunate enough o get a very helpful lady who apologised for my dealings with the previous lady. She took all the details down and asked me if I would like to log a complaint and that is what I did. She assured me somebody would call me back that evening and they did. The man I was unfortunate enough to speak to this time was very cocky and said they had had a neighbour’s complaint and that was that. I explained to him the day’s events and he couldn’t have cared less. I asked him why on earth somebody hadn’t called me from the number on my dogs collar and he replied

“perhaps the officer was not confident enough to do that.” I expressed my outrage at this he then changed his story to “there was no contact phone number.” I told him there was indeed a contact phone number on her tag and he didn’t have a response. He said he had checked my insurance details but was unable to locate me. He said there was nothing I could do and nothing he would do to help.

The following day at 5.30pm I was thrilled when the dog warden returned with my Polly. He could not apologise enough, and said he could see the dog was happy and healthy and that he found the police actions to be very strange. It was at this point I noticed my dog’s collar had mysteriously vanished. I asked him about this and he said she didn’t come with a tag. Well I can assure you that she had a silver round tag with her name and my phone number on, and a red ribbon both on her collar. She returned home with neither.

I went to get her extendable lead out of the back of my car

and sure enough that had vanished too. The police have obviously taken her on the lead they found in my car, and kept it. Now I think that is what is known as theft. The lead cost me £23.99 not even a month ago.

I am not sure if it is the food or distress the dog had been put under, but she has had sickness and diarrhoea since she returned.

All in all, you have cost me £65 to get my dog back, immense heartache and serious distress thinking she was missing before I realised what had happened, £8 on the dog tag, £23.99 on an extendable lead, I missed my Dads birthday lunch which not only lost me £30 but also was very upsetting for my family and I that I was unable to be there, and at this rate she will be going to the vets because she is still not herself.

The police have dealt with this in a sneaky and underhanded way. They have been unprofessional, two of the staff I have spoken to in the force have been extremely rude. The RSPCA and the dog warden both refused to get involved and stated that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the dog. You claim you had a neighbour complaint

so on the word of a nosey neighbour (who called me a f***ing stupid cow and a stupid b**ch when I visited him to ask him if he knew anything, and was smug and happy to tell me he had made a complaint and also informed me that he had fed my dog!) who has lied through his teeth, you have put me and my dog under considerable stress, lied to me, ruined our weekend, stolen from me, and harmed my dog.

I have never abused or neglected my dog in my life and I will not accept this. I have spoken to legal representation who have advised I first put in an official complaint in writing which is what I am now doing.

Yours Sincerely



My dog has been for a post mortem and I will get definite results soon – but whatever she picked up lead to gastroenteritus and eventually, ull on kidney failure.

Please help me as this cannot happen to anyone else’s dog.


OTS will keep you updated on future developments!

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