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I have been a resident of Banks and then Southport since 1974, prior to that I visited as a child with my family for day trips. I loved the town so much I came to live here and was proud to say so.

However,there seems to be conflict  between the development of new businesses( modern and beautifully appointed restaurants and hotels etc) and the general maintenance  and cleanliness of existing premises and public areas and amenities -nearly all of which are uninspiring, filthy and depressing.

1/The train station has made recent attempts to brighten its self up but more could be done ie lighter tiled flooring (no use talking about it getting dirty-Liverpool central I would imagine has greater ‘footfall’ on a daily basis and manages to look clean and bright)’

2/Coming out of the train station another grey,depressing area,being suddenly confronted with what looks like a field of coffins- am I in a cemetery or on holiday in’sunny Southport ‘?  (oh no,they’re seats!) Why the heck didn’t someone think to design a water feature/bed full of plant exploding with colour ,immediately in the line of vision to give visual impact for those coming out of the station  (first impressions and all that !) and construct seats from lighter materials and less coffin shaped. Do we always have to be ‘grim up north’.

3/The streets are filthy-no excuses about the economy please-they’ve been like this for years and to point out in particular recently spotted ‘grott spots ‘within the last year include:-

a) Wright Street-what appeared to be ‘fly tipping’ next to commercial waste bins on the car park opposite the Albert side door absolutely disgusting and what a lovely site for anyone getting off the train and walking down to college

b)Bath Street-more ‘fly tipping ‘ and filth

c) Filthy empty premises along Lord Street,full of old newspapers and mail.(why do they just keep pushing them through !) particularly the shop that used to sell old fashioned sweets,some of which are still in the window !!! BID talks about this and I will be contacting them next.

d)The path leading to the park from the Marine Lake (between Morrisons and the swimming baths) was a disgrace last year with excess litter including plastic bags,cans and alcohol bottles being highly visible to all on the way to the Flower show.

Please,please.please-where is our pride-I love Southport and this is why I care-it belongs to me as much as the people that ‘fly tip’ ,drop litter and councils that do little about it ( how can you not notice) I go along the A577 to work each morning taking me through Wigan, Ince and Hindley etc-I always pass street cleaners and have started playing a game-counting how many pieces of litter I pass. I ‘ve never spotted more than 10 in 7 miles and this is what would be considered an industrial area. People who live and work in the area say they have noticed how Southport appears to have ‘gone down hill’ and don’t come through for a day out as often. SHAME ON YOU SOUTHPORT.

I’m sure there would be enough material to create an alternative holiday brochure’Fancy a filthy weekend in Southport?” -don’t think it would be what they were expecting though !

Yours ‘hopefully that you will listen’

Honor Mission

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