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Central 12

I live in Kensington Road.

When Central 12 Retail Park was originally built the residents of the area were advised that there would be minimal increase in traffic in the area and that HGV access routes to the site would be set and monitored. A proscribed route for HGV access was part of the permission for this site. Kensington Road is excluded from any of the permitted HGV access routes.

Since that time the site has expanded and the traffic using Kensington Road has increased, especially HGVs.

In the past I have dealt with the Managing Agents and Sefton Council regarding this matter. The  Agents have ‘written’to the Tenants advising them of the planning condition, but this seems to bring only a temporary reprieve from HGVs. Sefton Council Planning asked me to furnish a list of number plate details, I work full time and have a wall in front of my house which makes it rather difficult to spot the number plate details, however the big ‘Asda’ and ‘Sports Direct’ decals on the side of the trailers seems a bit of a giveaway as to the destination of these vehicles…

I am noticing half a dozen or so HGVs most days in the time I am at home, so  I am sure the  amount of HGVs supplying the Retailers on this park will be higher.

Planning Permission was granted on the condition that the correct access routes were used for this site and I would like this condition to be adhered to.

Yours sincerely

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