Northern Lib Dems rebel over cuts John Pugh, MP for Southport is ringleader of the rebellion

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Northern Lib Dems rebel over cuts

Group including president Tim Farron attack ‘fundamental unfairness’ of coalition policy and growth in north-south divide   Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg faces a party rebellion over cuts at a politically difficult time during spring conference.

Nick Clegg’s plans for this weekend’s Liberal Democrat spring party conference in York risk being derailed by a rebellion from his northern MPs, peers and council leaders, who have made public their anger at the coalition’s failure to deal with the north-south economic divide.

The deputy prime minister is expected to set out his stall for the forthcoming European elections in a speech on Sunday, contrasting his party with Ukip. He will warn of the emergence of “ungenerous, backwards-looking politics” ahead of May’s elections. In a reference to Ukip leader Nigel Farage, Clegg will say: “The politics of blame has found an acceptable face: it wears a big smile and looks like someone you could have a pint with down the pub.”

Yet amid growing fears for the party’s electoral hopes, the Liberal Democrats’ eight northern MPs have chosen this weekend to speak out against the coalition for failing to invest in the north. In a submission to Clegg that has been passed to the Observer, the MPs – including party president Tim Farron – have condemned a “gap between the government’s aspiration and delivery” on the north.

The group – none of whom has enjoyed ministerial office during the coalition – add: “There is clear scope for more ‘game changing’ action which does not start, finish or even centre on the distant prospect of a high-speed railway. The next budget represents an opportunity for such action.”

John Pugh, MP for Southport and a ringleader of the rebellion threatening to overshadow the conference, told the Observer: “There are disproportionately few northern voices in the corridors of power. We are not a bunch of whinging northerners asking for a handout, but a region demanding the financial and political powers to shape the nation’s economy in a more balanced and sustainable way.”

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