North West still a UKIP free zone

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Liberal Democrats across the North West are celebrating after returning 22 county councillors to office on Thursday.

After gains and losses, the Lib Dems suffered a net loss of just a single seat after all the votes were counted in Lancashire and Cumbria.

UKIP once again failed to make any headway with not one single councillor being elected: they have no-one at all elected to any major local authority in the entire North West Region.

Chris Davies MEP said, “The Liberal Democrats may be celebrating today but it will be their constituents who celebrate the next four years of hard working Lib Dem representatives.

“There is a big fuss being made about UKIP but they still don’t have a single councillor in our region of 7 million people.

“UKIP are a protest vote and a party of the South.  People in the North West are far too clued up to miss UKIP’s exaggerations and tall tales.”

European elections will be held in 2014 and Chris Davies is looking forward to the fight.

“UKIP will once again try and scare people with wild stories of EU excess but I have faith in the people of the North West to send them the same message they have this year and every other year that they will not vote for fear.”

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