New zero calorie drink looks set to shake up the soft drinks market!

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In the wake of ‘alarming’ new obesity statistics, an innovative new zero calorie drink looks set to shake up the soft drinks market

Following the publication of the latest NHS statistics showing an “alarming” rise in the UK’s obesity epidemic, and commitments from major retailers to cut 6.4 trillion calories from supermarket shelves, Skinny V, a new calorie-free soft drink without any of the preservatives, additives or artificial sweeteners found in its competitors looks poised to take the UK drinks market by storm.

Skinny V differs from other major calorie free soft drinks brands because it’s made with the zero calorie natural sweetener Stevia.

The drink is available in a range of five flavours (including Apple, Peach, Lemonade and Berry) and following its high-profile launch at London Fashion Week, where models, designers and celebrities struck a pose with Skinny V’s distinctive white bottles, there are already plans to extend the range.

As well as becoming a must-have for the fashion crowd at LFW, Skinny V was again spotted in the celebrity gossip pages when Beyoncé and her fellow performers were all treated to their own bottles of Skinny V at the Brits.

For a brand that’s only a few months old, it’s been a stellar rise to success. Not only are celebrities and sportspeople being papped with the distinctive white bottles, you’ll also spot the drink in leading hotel chains, restaurants, bars, and soon at selected supermarkets throughout the country.

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Most businesspeople can only dream of making such major inroads into the marketplace overnight, but Ian Minton, the Managing Director of Skinny Drinks Enterprises, says that his goal when launching his company was both simple and personal, explaining: “As a type one diabetic it was increasingly hard for me to find a suitable drink on a night out. My choices were so limited that it became a challenge to go out and enjoy myself.

“Any drink I found would be laden with hidden additives and a ridiculous amount of calories, which wasn’t ideal when following a healthy lifestyle. This all became my driving force to create this healthy alternative for myself and others like me who are diabetic, want to be healthy or simply want a change. Skinny V is for everyone.”

It seems that with rates of both diabetes and obesity rising dramatically in the UK, Ian has struck a nerve with health-conscious consumers and also with supermarkets and bars seeking to offer an alternative to the usual range of high-sugar soft drinks.

The drink is packed with vitamins B1, B3, B6, B12 and C and Ian was so determined to avoid any chemical nasties when making Skinny V that he’s become one of the first soft drinks manufacturers to create a product that’s entirely guilt-free. And with zero sugar, calories or carbs, Skinny V appears to be exactly what shoppers want during a backlash against fast food culture and the associated health risks.

Ian will be rolling the brand out through high-end supermarket retailers as well as luxury hotels and bars throughout the year and with an aspirational marketing campaign and celebrity endorsements planned for the months to come, it looks like the reaction against the big brand high-fat high-sugar foods which dominated the market in recent decades has already begun. As a nation gradually adjusts its eating habits, it looks like Ian Minton has launched the right product at exactly the right time!
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