New database linking by HSCIC improves dm+d


New database linking by HSCIC improves dm+d

The NHS dictionary of medicines and devices (dm+d) is the NHS standard for communicating medicines information anduniquely identifying medicines and medical devices.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) has made dm+d even more useful by linking it to the Pro-File database so NHS pharmacy staff can identify and source unlicensed ‘special’ medicinal products.

Some patients have special clinical needs that cannot be met by licensed medicinal products. This sometimes requires using unlicensed medicinal products – commonly known as ‘specials’ – to meet their needs.

The Pro-File database lists these ‘specials’ which are manufactured by NHS Specials manufacturing units.New links to this database from dm+d have significantly increased coverage by adding over 300 products and their associated packs.

HSCIC Director of Information Standards Delivery, Dr Ken Lunn, says:

“The contribution of dm+d to the delivery of safe prescribing is enhanced by this database, and will be of significant benefit to many areas of healthcare. I’m pleased that we are able to provide this important addition to our portfolio of standards.”

Currently there are over 1000 mappings built and displayed in Pro-File and there are more corresponding products and packs to be added Eventually this will include GTIN data from Pro-File in dm+d to enable more



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