New Cut Lane and Guilford Rd Residents Challenge “No Flooding” Claim

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New Cut Lane and Guilford Rd Residents Challenge “No Flooding” Claim

Following recent flooding of homes and gardens on Guildford Rd and Halsall Rd, with water and sewerage. New Cut Lane residents action group (RAP), is challenging Bloor Homes statement stating there is ‘no flooding issue’ with the greenbelt land that runs adjacent to New Cut Land and Guildford Road. Land which West Lancashire Borough Council has put forward as a potential site to develop 150 new homes.

Residents on both sides of the ‘border’ already know this statement is completely inaccurate, as they regularly experience flooding following heavy rainfall. These mages show how human excrement was left deposited in people’s gardens following a recent heavy summer shower which caused the drains to back up, and flood people’s gardens, plus an image previously taken of a resident’s garden in New Cut Lane following  several hours of heavy rain fall.

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Bloor Homes statement can be clearly viewed within their submission on the WLBC website, page 24, stating why they agree with WLBC’s modified Local Plan, which includes the potential to open up this land. But judging by the amount of objections lodged they are definitely in the minority.  Many parties have entered official objections which includes intelligent, reasoned and substantiated arguments against this proposal, which can also be viewed on the WLBC website.

Residents on both sides of the border are now hoping the government inspector, who will now begin assessing all the submissions, recommends WLBC re-think their plan.

Mr Paul Thomas, Halsall Rd resident commented. “This happens on a regular basis, after heavy rainfall, it’s disgusting and unacceptable. “Taking into account how bad this is now, what would be the consequences of siting 150 new homes here? No sane person would approve this plan, has WLBC lost its mind? Also, if you google complaints against Bloor homes you find all sorts of issues regarding flooding issues. ‘It’s the Dream Team’ in reverse.”


RAP are urging the residents in Halsall Rd and Guilford Road to contact their Ward Cllrs and MP, as Sefton now embarks on a serious of road shows to consult with residents on their own Local Plan. Sefton residents need to make their elected representatives know they do not want this development. Some Sefton councillors have already stated they are firmly against it, and have concerns that Sefton might be considering entering into some sort of deal with WLBC to allocate some of this housing towards their own Local Plan.

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