Nauseas & Furious Library Volunteers ‘Just Wrong’ (Southport)

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A local resident has contacted OTS over library volunteers.

He said:

“I feel nauseas and furious after reading how proud Melanie Horridge is about recruiting volunteers to run and staff libraries around Sefton.

Yes the libraries may still be open, for now. But at the expense of the livelihood of the staff dismissed by the council to save money.

Does she really think volunteers are the answer? How would she feel if she, her family or friends were to lose their livelihood to misguided volunteers?

It has been proven time and time again that volunteers across the country can not be relied upon to provide a reliable and knowledgeable service. They often do not turn up at the shortest or no notice at all. They are prone to being distracted from their responsibilities by good weather; family needs, ill health or just plain could no longer be bothered.

The fight should not have just been about keeping our libraries open. It should have been about keeping our libraries open and staffed by those who have provided the service that the community have come to expect and appreciate. By the staff who have earned their living and provided for their families by doing their job.

Imagine a country run by volunteers. It could never happen. The line has been crossed by these people who have nothing better to do with their time than take peoples jobs and livelihoods.

They are not do-gooders. They are selfish narrowed minded people with no conscience.

At what point will the general public say NO to volunteers taking our jobs because of cash strapped councils? What will be next? Our bins being emptied, our roads being cleaned and maintained, our police?”




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