Motorists hit by new EU MOT rules

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New MOT rules dreamed up by the EU are set to hit drivers with expensive bills, warned NW UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall

March has seen the introduction of tougher tests that will see previously roadworthy vehicles fail their MOTs or be in need of costly repairs.

An additional 15 boxes on the MOT checklist will need to be ticked before cars are deemed legal to be on the road.

“These rules will drive perfectly serviceable cars off the road and force hundreds of thousands of motorists to dig deep into their pockets,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP Deputy Leader.

The changes, which include stringent checks on warning lights, handbrakes and wiring, were introduced last year but they have only now become mandatory.

“A lot of older cars that might have passed their MOT won’t under these new rules and some will be forced off the road as drivers can’t afford to bring them up to scratch.

“Life for motorists is expensive enough already with the ever increasing costs of fuel, road tax and insurance and now they will be hit with this. Some owners will find repair costs higher than the value of the vehicle and yet days ago it would have passed the test.

“It is meddling Eurocrats behind this, making rules for rules sake as usual, and demonstrates – yet again- why we should leave the EU,” said Mr Nuttall

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