More and more pay the cost of private renting

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More working people and their families now live in pivately rented homes than in the whole of social housing – whether council homes, housing association homes or those managed by ALMOs.

The UNISON NEC reminded congress that:

“The private rented sector, is where you are most likely to find housing that fails to meet the decent homes standard;”
“the private rented sector, is where you will find the most insecure tenancies;
“and it is the private rented sector, where you pay most.
“Surveys suggest tenants in the private rented sector typically pay more for their housing, than all social tenants and owner occupiers, with rents, typically, 41% of their income – 21% higher than in 2010, while wages have stagnated.

“The recent Home Truths report from the Resolution Foundation, found rents to be unaffordable or families on low to middle incomes in one third of the country.

“And on top of that are the rip off, charges and fees levied by the cowboy letting agents:

“the £500 administration fees to secure your flat;
“the £210 to change a name on a tenancy;
“the £96 just to renew your terms.
“This is bad news for all of us,” said Mr Gray, “but it’s particularly grim for the young, with half of all private renters now under 35.

“What kind of future is that, for our young people?” he asked, answering: “The worst of all worlds.”

And he added: “As the Housing Voice campaign makes clear, we need housing to be a political priority – rather something left to a market that does not deliver for ordinary people on ordinary incomes.

“Being a political priority is the only way we get the comprehensive housing policy for the future, which will secure the new council and housing association homes, that we need.”



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