Mini Moo Baby ‘Prams Maternity & Baby Shop’ (Southport) has closed

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Mini Moo Baby ‘Prams Maternity & Baby Shop’ (Southport) has closed

Mini Moo Baby ‘Prams Maternity & Baby Shop’ on King Street, Southport has closed down.

Removal men empited the shop early yesterday morning (Monday 7th July 2014) and took away the entire contents.

Below is a statement placed on facebook Buy & Sell pages

Mini Moo

Hi, I’m not sure if this is allowed and I don’t actually live in Southport either but I paid money towards a pram at mini moo baby in Southport and I have been trying to contact them for the past week to pay the rest of and go collect. I have just found out that they have closed down and emptied the shop without any contact whatsoever. Has this happened to anybody else? I really don’t need the stress or the loss right now and the possibility of trying to get another pram in such short notice is incredibly low. Please somebody help xx

Below is Mini Moo’s website at 8:00pm tonight.


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