Miliband pledges to help tackle Southport low pay crisis

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Miliband pledges to help tackle Southport low pay crisis

Shocking Government data obtained by Southport Labour Party show that more than 20% of the town’s full time workforce earn less than the Living Wage. The Cabinet Office spreadsheet shows Southport’s low pay problem is worse than places such as Preston, Knowsley and Central Manchester. The figures were revealed in the same week that Labour leader Ed Miliband pledged a tax break for employers that agree to pay the Living Wage, currently £7.45 per hour. The Institute for Fiscal Studies estimates that if everyone was paid the living wage, the Treasury would save £1,000 a year for every person from less spending on tax credits and from increased tax revenue.

Southport Labour’s Lesley Delves, pictured here with Ed Miliband, commented “it’s scandalous that 1 in 5 full time workers in Southport have to struggle along on very low wages. A future Labour government would have a central mission of making work pay which can only be good for our town. The taxpayer will actually save money on social security as a result of this, and employers will even be better off, helping tackle the cost of living crisis.”

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