Merseytravel Mann Island Mess.

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Over a third of the £5 million per annum Mann Island HQ signed up for in secret by now-deposed Cllr Mark Dowd is needed for Merseytavel’s operations, it was revealed at Sefton Council meeting last Thursday.

A quarter of the building is presently empty and just over a tenth is let out under knock-down discounts to other organisations.

The reformed Merseytravel has closed down the cushy directorships regime which saw previous Chief Executive Neil Scales topping up his £140,000 salary with over £9000 of ‘directors fees’ for companies which most Merseytravel members didn’t have a clue about.

Councillor Dawson thanked Councillor Friel and asked him to join him in congratulating Merseytravel for improving from the previous dreadful situation.



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