Scarisbrick Hotel staff (Southport) blame Sefton Council Licensing Authority for the introduction of plastic glasses!

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Members of staff at the Scarisbrick Hotel are blaming Sefton Council, Licensing Authority, for the introduction of plastic glasses for all drinks served in the Barons Bar when customers complain or vote with their feet.Following a customer contact with Sefton Council, Licensing Authority seeking clarification if they have stipulated the introduction of polycarbonates as a condition of the license.

Sefton Council responded that they have NOT requested the introduction of plastic glasses and attached a link to the Licensing register which shows the Premises License in full for the Scarisbrick Hotel,within which the Barons Bar operates, and does not stipulate the requirement for plastic glasses.

The Licensing Officer suggests it may be the property owners Britannia Hotels who are responsible for the voluntary introduction of polycarbonates in all ground floor bars or Merseyside Police may have suggested it, however it is ultimately still the decision of the owners of the property.

It is an insult to ask hotel residents and other mature customers to drink real ale, chardonnay or a gin and tonic out of a disgusting plastic style beaker and this establishment is now becoming an embarrassment to the town.



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