Maureen Little book signing at Broadhursts within Southport Flower Show 2013

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Maureen Little book signing at Broadhursts within Southport Flower Show 2013

Maureen Little will be at Broadhursts Book Sellers inside Southport Flower Show signing copies of his latest book ”WHOLESOME HOURS … WITH HERBS AND FLOWERS’ – MAUREEN PRESENTS A LITERARY POT POURRI OF GARDEN CUTTINGS ‘ on Saturday 17th of August.

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Unlike Marvell, from whom the title of this talk has been borrowed, Maureen hasn’t written any poetry. She has, however, written some books: these and other texts, poems, pictures and plants provide Maureen with the material for her horticultural musings.


Maureen’s grasp of horticulture started at a very early age on her father’s market garden and plant nursery in Sussex: she soon learned that grasping a nettle was not to be advised, whereas picking a luscious, ripe strawberry straight from the plant really made the taste buds tingle! Her horticultural education continued, on and off, alongside conventional secondary and university education to the extent that she found herself, at various times, teaching in the Royal Navy, lecturing in English Literature at university, training as a professional garden designer and growing herbs.

It was during the latter venture that she became interested in bees, and honey bees in particular, the vital role they play within the ecosystem, and the flowers that they feed on.  Her most important contributions to this area to date are her books, The Bee Garden and Plants and Planting Plans for a Bee Garden, which show how each of us can help honey bees and other bees by planting bee-friendly plants in our gardens.

Maureen has also written about herbs and perennial plants – The Kitchen Herb Garden, and The Little Book of Perennial Plants – and she currently writing another on herbs. She is a full member of The Garden Media Guild.

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