Lost tribe of pensioners found by Sefton Council – but its all the government’s fault!

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Four hundred highly-dependent pensioners have been suddenly discovered by Sefton Council.  The pensioners had been hiding from the Council for many years, so the Sefton budget, set only four months ago, had been set in complete ignorance of their existence.  This is the reason why the officers of Sefton Council have suddenly reported a need for a further £3million to £4 million to be put in the Council’s adult care budget for each of the next two years.
But the Bootle Labour Council leadership are having nothing of it.  They are blaming the government for the sudden emergence of these pensioners.  Presumably, the government has been ferrying the 400 pensioners around the Irish sea for many months but had suddenly disembarked them all at the end of Southport Pier in the dead of a moonless night in late June.
Answering a written question in the July Sefton Council meeting, Cabinet Member Paul Cummins declared that the new costs to the Council of looking after these pensioners had not been ‘discovered’ at all.  They had arisen out of detailed work “to understand the population of Sefton”. which had.. presumably… discovered them?  The question arises, how is it that Sefton Council’s Labour chiefs didn’t know about these pensioners and their extra costs only four months ago, when they set the Council’s budget on March 1st?  But of course.  It’s all the government’s fault!



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