Local MEP pledges backing for e-cigarette responses

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Local MEP pledges backing for e-cigarette responses

 Local MEP has pledged to fight a bid to introduce new controls to restrict the availability and strength of e-cigarettes .

Liberal Democrat Chris Davies says he has hundreds of letters from Northwest constituents claiming that e-cigarettes have helped them stop smoking tobacco.

E-cigarettes provide users with a nicotine boost similar to conventional cigarettes, but contain no tobacco that is the cause of smoking-related disease and premature death. As nicotine is highly addictive the European Commission has proposed new requirements that e-cigarettes should be classified as a medicinal product and the nicotine content restricted.

Mr Davies, a member of the European Parliament’s public health committee, says that this would undermine their value as a means of weaning hardened smokers off tobacco. He wants them to be sold alongside conventional cigarettes and says that former smokers are able to judge for themselves how much nicotine to inhale.

Mr Davies said. “Many addicted smokers have written to tell me of the difference that the availability of e-cigarettes has made to their lives and their health.” “There’s no doubt that nicotine is addictive and light touch regulations are needed, but it is tobacco that kills.

“Living is better than dying and the benefits of e-cigarettes far outweigh any disadvantages they may have.” Mr Davies predicts an uphill battle to fend off the proposed new regulations and urges users to make their views known to MEPs in other parties.

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