Local Election time again (Southport)

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Local Election time again
One can either vote for a party or one can vote a person.
Regarding Ainsdale alone! 
The Tory candidate has already lost 4 previous elections and is often away from the ward in another county, via undertaking professional duties each week. He therefore has highly questionable and limited use to residents who require his help.
He is aiming to cruise into a ward with two somewhat idle colleagues. One colleague (Tory Boss Cllr Jones)  is apparently quite happy to send stupid legal threats to residents who expose his agenda and dare to voice fair opinion. Then when challenged by his victims he does not even have the dignity to respond.
Their other equally ‘indifferent’ associate (Cllr Ted Hartill) is apparently happy to spend the share of his taxpayers’- paid time satisfying his private hobbies, etc at a local community facility. Again, when challenged about his other activities, including his direction of a local eco-project called Woodvale Woodland Project (WWP), he appears to have turned into the Invisible Man!
* The use by volunteers of mechanical equipment and insurance cover.
* The felling of trees
* The implementation of fires
* Utilisation/disbursement and control of One Vision Housing Assn Funds
* Purchasing of equipment
* Supervision/duty of care/ during activities
* Inclusion/community engagement policy
* Following Charity Commission philosophy/rationale
* Social Media Policy
* Procedures to deal with management/grievance issues.
The only real alternative to this appalling and unhelpful nonsense is a hard-working local councillor who has a well-proven track record of success for the Ainsdale community that  many local people can personally vouch for.

Seeking what is best for an area and its community should be vital to us all! 
However, blindly supporting additional political apathy for an area is the mark of a sanctimonious fool! 




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