Local author Sameul J Parker book signing ‘Action and Adventure’ novel Red Snapper

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Local author Sameul J Parker will be sigining copies of his new ‘Action and Adventure’ novel Red Snapper

The book signing takes place at The Olde Bookshop, Formby on Saturday 25th January 10:30 to 12:30.

The book is currently available in Broadhursts of Southport and The Olde Bookshop, 54 Brows Lane, Formby.

Sameul J Parker said:

RED SNAPPER is a story I have wanted to write for a long time. I lived with my wife and three young children in Kingston, Jamaica at the time of the 1979 election.

It could only be called a hair-raising experience – witnessing events people back in England dismissed as the rantings of an over enthusiastic tourist.

Over 900 people were murdered in the run up to the election.

But witness them we did – murder and attempted murder, unknowingly working with CIA sponsored consultants, friends being kidnapped, shoot-outs between gunmen and police in our apartment block, discovery of cachés of AK47s on Caymanas Golf Course, offers of guns for personal protection and armed robberies a factor in every day life.

Faced with the rejection of our request for temporary withdrawal [the fear being it would confirm the success of Cuba’s destabilising influence] it was a case of getting on with your life.

Jamaica was a dangerous place in 1979 – it was a largely unreported battleground in the Cold War. It was the front line between two opposing ideologies – Cuba and Russia on one side and the USA on the other. But it was the courage of the people of Jamaica that won in the end!


CIA agent, Carlton Davies, witnesses the violent revolution in Grenada and is the last foreigner to leave before Maurice Bishop and his Cuban backed revolutionaries take over the country.

The CIA agent starts gathering evidence that Michael Manley, Prime Minister of Jamaica, is planning to take Jamaica down a similar route to Grenada. Manley is a strong supporter of Fidel Castro but when Castro is appointed Chairman of the Non Aligned Movement, the CIA decides it is time to stop further Cuban inspired change in the region. Jamaica is the chosen battleground.

So worried are the CIA about the march of communism in their ‘backyard’ they appoint CIA Head of Station, Wynton McKenna, as the man to put a stop to Cuban influence. An election is approaching and there is mounting evidence the Cubans are destabilising the country – using proven tactics to frighten the electorate into voting for Manley’s pro-Cuban Peoples National Party.

McKenna, hands tied by President Jimmy Carter’s conciliatory mentality towards Cuba, engages the anti-Castro brigade operating out of Miami – men who fled the country after the revolution in Cuba, veterans of the Bay of Pigs fiasco and dedicated to overthrowing Castro.

Both the CIA and the anti-Castro brigade have links to the Mafia. All have designs on Jamaica, all need each other, all have different agendas and Red Snapper is the story of how these different relationships play out.

Author of RED SNAPPER – www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007ZESPL0
Blog – thriller reads – www.samjakeparker.blogspot.co.uk
Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B00814POVW

A great thriller set in Jamaica at the height of the cold war as Castro tried to extend Communist influence in to Jamaica during the 1980 election. I lived in Jamaica at the time and was really impressed by the accuracy of the book. I could imagine the characters walking past me as I sat in the Pegasus Hotel and the depiction of Kingston at the time is spot on. This book manages to blend a really exciting storyline with genuine political events to produce a great read. Recommended.

Red Snapper is an explosive political thriller set on the Caribbean island of Jamaica in the run up to the violent election of 1980 – an election in which nearly 900 people were murdered.

Website is www.samueljparker.co.uk

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