Lilly & Layla swim 1/4 of a mile in first swimming lesson with Gail

Photo: Lilly Woods (left) & Layla Vella

Swimming Teacher, Gail Rickett’s remarkable success continues, following her TV appearance on ITV’s Granada Report’s late last year.

Two of Gail’s more recent pupils, Lilly Woods and Layla Vella have both broken new records!  Lilly Woods (aged 6) in her first private lesson with Gail learnt a full stroke and swam 400 meters ( that’s 1/4 of a mile, or around 20 to 30 minutes of continual swimming). Lilly had been going swimming regularly but had armbands on and she had no technique at the start. Layla  was only just five years old when she started lessons with Gail and on her first lesson Layla also learnt a full stroke and swam 100 meters. On Leyla’s third private lesson Leyla completed her 1/4  mile swim. Both of the girls where awarded trophies for their achievements.

Gail tells us, ‘there have been so many occasions that I have taught a child to swim who has achieved from 5 meters to as much as 1/4 of mile on their first private lesson. It’s wonderful seeing children morph in front of your eyes, and end up bursting with confidence when they have achieved these great results in such a very short time, and of course they all gain trophies to mark their big  achievements.

Last summer I have a lovely little girl who had problems at school.  She came on one of my special VIP private courses.  When she started school swimming, she was the  best in the class including the boys.  Learning to swim with myself improved her life in so many other ways.  I know parents do not always consider this amazing improvement until it happens and it’s wonderful.”
There is a Summer ‘Learn to Swim’ or ‘Improve in the Summer School Holidays. It is an 8 day, one hour a day course which runs Wednesday to Saturday and repeats the following week. Class sizes are limited to just six pupils to guarantee the levels of attention required.  Additional groups and VIP private courses are also available. Gail comments; “In the summer I receive so many calls from parents in a panic as they are due to go on hoilday in the next week or two and want me to have their children swimming in a few days time. Many parents have heard I can achieve those goals with their children.  It’s no secret that I have taught all my life, all around the World and competed in top class programs myself.
If you would like advice or more information on Gail’s swimming lessons please call her on 07449135450 or see Gail’s website at



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