“Let them eat shit” says UKIP Nuttall

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Millions of holidaymakers will face increased risk of falling ill when they swim in the sea off places like Southport, and also in  Mediterranean resorts, if plans by UKIP to scrap the EU Bathing Water Directive are realised.

MEP Paul Nuttall has called for the law that sets standards for good bathing water quality to be scrapped, and warnings to bathers removed, after news that some UK beaches may not make the highest grade.

Nuttall has claimed that swimming will be banned from 2015 and that ‘the EU is not interested in compromise’.

But his warnings that the EU will ban bathing have been described as “bullshit” by senior North West MEP Chris Davies.

Liberal Democrat Chris Davies said:

“The EU law is about giving information on water quality.  It would be up to British authorities to decide whether swimming is dangerous.  To claim that the EU has the power to take such measures is simply a UKIP lie.”

Chris Davies claims that each year many times more North West holidaymakers swim in the warm Mediterranean than in the cold Irish Sea.

He said: “If UKIP get their way, British travellers can expect to experience t’he shits’ a great deal more often.

“Contaminated sea water is a major cause of vomiting and diarrhoea, and people should have a right to know about water quality.”

The MEP said that EU Bathing Water legislation had driven up standards and led to huge improvements in water quality across Europe

“By keeping people in the dark, UKIP will keep holiday makers confined to their bathrooms instead of enjoying themselves on the beach.”

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