Leading Merseyside Labour Councillors call for Corbyn to go

Photo: Jeremy Corbyn – Credit/Telegraph

Leading Merseyside Labour Councillors call for Corbyn to go

Just days ago Southport Labour Party announced that they were backing Jeremy Corbyn as party leader despite the overwhelming vote of no confidence in him by Labour MPs.

However it has now emerged that MPs are not alone in calling for Jeremy Corbyn to go.  According to the respected website ‘Labour List’ over 600 councillors across the country have signed an open letter calling for Corbyn stand down. http://labourlist.org/2016/06/over-500-councillors-tell-corbyn-time-to-step-down/

One of the organisers of the letter, Lambeth councillor Ed Davie, said: “Across the country Labour councillors speak to millions of people and, sadly, they know that Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership is deeply unpopular. At a time of national crisis it is more important than ever that we have a competent Labour leader that can communicate with and commands the support of voters and councillors as well as MPs.”

Of the 600+ councillors nationally, over 20 are from Merseyside councils and they include a number of senior figures.  The list include members from Liverpool, Wirral, Knowsley and St Helens Councils, although, interestingly, none from Sefton Labour group.

So when newly elected Southport Labour Party Vice Chair Lol Duffy is reported as complaining that “the actions of certain members of the Parliamentary Labour Party is an insult to members of our party and is demonstrative of MPs who are out of touch” he presumably also feels that many local Labour councillors are out of touch as well.

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