Land Train is likely cause of fractures in Southport Pier columns

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Land Train is likely cause of fractures in Southport Pier columns

OTS understands the likely cause of Southport Pier column fractures was down to the land train usage.

When the Pier was rebuilt about 10 years ago OTS understands Tony Corfield of Sefton Council was informed at the time that the Pier was not designed to take the land train (Promenade Express).

An area of the pier has now been sectioned off where the land train (Promenade Express) use to turn round.

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Sefton Council declined to comment on the matter as usual!

Inspectors halted Southport Pier Tram during a routine inspection on Tuesday 9th July 2013).

Contractors identified large vertical cracks in some of the cast iron columns supporting Southport Pier.

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Above: Dr Kim Howells (left) and Tony Corfield

The Pier will remain open to pedestrians.

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Main pictured above riding on the land train is Minister for Tourism, Dr Kim Howells and Co when he visited Southport Pier in July 2002

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